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Trying Different Kinds of Hairstyles

With less than 5 months away for the year to finish, this will be the best time to have a look at some of the coolest haircut and why they are so popular. Today, fashion is not only for women and the resurgence of some trendy haircuts have proved that men have grown increasingly aware of their looks. People compare fashion with a feeling of appearing attractive, thanks to the weird stuffs that are sold today in the name of fashion. What the hyped-up labels don’t tell you is fashion is actually a feeling of being comfortable with yourself and looking good at the same time. This is where well-known men beauty salon in JLT come into foray due to their exclusive services and the experts offering their services. In the world of fashion and grooming, what looks good may not always be the popular choice like for instance, man buns and long hair are popular, but when it comes to preferences people may still prefer short haircuts due to the sharp styling and ease to carry. 
As the experts from popular gents salon in JLT suggests, men have preferred short haircuts/styles this year and have created individual statements with signature styles. Let us take a look at some popular short hair cuts that anyone can try and look supercool:
1: The Pompadour
Perhaps the most popular of the lot, a pompadour hairstyle refuses to bow down to any time-lane. In this hairstyle you have hair lightly faded on the sides whereas the top has long and dense hair. This hairstyle looks good on all men who have thick voluminous hair and a pompadour with hair combed back is just treat for the fashion eyes. Hair experts from JLT beauty salon highly suggest this hairstyle for men with square and round shaped face. 
2: The Comb Over 
Once in a lifetime you find a haircut that is successful with both curly and straight haired people. Other than just for hiding bald patches, this hairstyle is a hit with people having heavy volume hair as well. the comb over hairstyle has proved that men hairstyles can be a hassle-free affair, with unlimited variations to your imaginations. Try this one today guys!
3: The Bang- Bangs
For the machos who prefer to look cute once in a while can go for ‘Bangs’ since they can soften any face. People use variations of bangs in the form of flat as well as spiky look, both being just perfect for that fringy look. People who are confused between the likes of messy, classic and straight fringe should consult professional and experienced hair dressers at JLT salon.
4: The Crew 
This timeless haircut requires experienced hand that knows how to create a perfect combination of razor and scissors. Some of the popular ways of trimming this hairstyle includes long hair at the top in connection with fading facial hair and spiked for the funk lovers. People with rounder face prefer Crew cut to appear slimmer as the longer top frames the face a bit to give a slimmer appearance. 
5: Caesar Cut
Ideal for men with long face and broad foreheads, Caesar cut has found its way into Bollywood with the likes of popular actors like ‘Jim Carrey’. The longer strands at the top in this haircut is a blessing for those who are searching for a hairstyle that can help them hide any facial imbalance or flaw. Caesar haircut is best for those dealing with premature balding as it brings the hair forward very gracefully. Caesar hairstyle is the best option for people who prefer keeping things simple and sleek. 
Hair experts in gents beauty salon in Jumeirah Lakes Towers suggest you to fix an appointment with them so that they can suggest you with better options based on your personality and face type. Hope the blog has been informative, comments and feedback are welcomed.

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