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Top Haircut Guide for Men

Male grooming at hair spa Dubai has gained worldwide popularity now and while men are busy shaving, trimming, or even plucking their body hair in order to get that metrosexual look, the hair part is ignored. Irrespective of the gender, hair remains to be an important attribute feature for everyone, who wishes to look good. However, this blog is not about hair products or hair styling guide for men, but more on the ‘Side Parting’ hairstyle that is still evergreen. This is where a professional hair dresser in Dubai comes into foray, on helping you on achieving the side cut look.  
The best part about side part is that they add sharpness to your jaw line, which is why till date the hairstyle has a cult following in all the Dubai salon. It is a debate-worthy fact that women are subconsciously attracted to males who have sharper jaw line, the reason being sharper jaw line represents ‘masculinity’. In addition to that, this hairstyle adds balance to the volume of hair and equals the thickness throughout the scalp. A side part cut can be sported with every kind of attire that exists today, thereby making it one of the most versatile hairstyles that exist today. Be it corporate look that you desire or the funky athletic one, side part is your best choice. 
Who should wear Side Parts?
One of the many benefits of having side parts is that it neutralizes the face shape very easily. A woman can use eyebrows, make-up, and hair to justify her appearance and the shape of her face. However, in case of men, they have limited options with beard and your hairstyle. People with round face can use side part hairstyle to make their jaw line look stronger and more masculine. Moreover, for people with diamond shaped face, side part haircut provides them a squared angle, thereby improving their appearance.
Styling with side parts 
As mentioned again and again, side parts is a very basic trend when it comes to traditional hair styles. Moreover, to get the best out of the haircut, your hair should be of medium length and should not be combed too flat like many do. Combing to flat will give you a very formal appearance, which may not go well in case you are not dressing for official occasions.  
You can add volume and layer to your hair using techniques like undercuts and quiffs, as the short sides lead to a contrast with the long hair in the middle. Moreover, you have the option of making the side part sharper by shaving a line along the part. You will find such style popular among soccer players.
Shaggy Hair 
You are in luck if you’ve shaggy hair because with side part, shaggy hair looks structured and better balanced. Since the hairstyle is long, you will definitely create an impression with hair covering one eye. To keep the hair intact, you will need to use gel or wax. 
Maintaining side part
A side part will always seem graceful when the hair on the sides is shorter compared to hair on the top. Of course, in order to keep the hair intact you will have to use hair styling products. Most of the people overuse products and end up hardening their hair and spoiling the desired look. Using a hair spray instead of gel or wax is a better way of adding gloss and keeping hair in the desired shape. 
Naming one hairstyle and picking it over others would be quite unfair because one haircut cannot suit everyone. However, side part is something that suits all sorts of people, given the situation if they prefer keeping the same. People with long hair normally prefer somewhat of a samurai look or above the shoulder haircut, whereas people with short hair go for clean and mean Italian spike.  
A very good tip can be to seek the services of a professional at gents beauty salon in JLT Dubai, who can study your face type to suggest you a good hairstyle. Once in a while you will require the expert opinion of a grooming professional who can work on your desired look with ease. A professional will also suggest you measures and products to maintain the haircut as well. 

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