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Hot oil massage for hair – boons are many

Who wouldn’t like to lie on a comfortable chair listening to cool tunes in the background while your beautician rubs your hair with warm oil? Even the mere thought of it makes us feel so good. Along with the incredible sensation, there are a few health aspects linked with this hot oil massage of hair. 
Nourishment for hair
Massaging with warm oil lets the oil ooze into the scalp and reach the hair roots and follicles. It helps in moisturizing the scalp and hair. Dry and dull hair benefits a lot from the process and gets the old luster back. The hair instantly appears shinier. The pores get opened and allow more nurturing for the hair.
Massaging once or twice a week can bring desirable changes to the way your hair look. Your locks get thicker with all the tending and nourishments and will look healthier. What would you opt? Dull-dry hair or beautiful, ravishing hair?
Hair growth will be increased tremendously on regular massaging. It is because of the increased blood circulation in the area thereby increasing the availability of abundant nutrients. 
Dandruff free locks
Regular massaging helps to remove the dandruff problems. On massaging, the dead skin cells will get removed and avoid clamping of skin. It keeps helping the scalp from getting dried up. With these, the embarrassing dandruff problem can be solved to a large extent.
Healthy hair
Hot oil massaging is usually done with coconut, almond, castor or olive oil. Along with the base, few drops of essential oil is also added. These will be decided on the type of hair you have. The primary essential oils used in the process are rosemary, lavender, peppermint, etc. It aids to keep the hair strong and healthy.
Removes toxic components
We may use chemical shampoos and dyes on our hair. The residue of these may remain on hair even after washing. Massaging hair and scalp help to remove these and the locks will stay healthy. It also contributes to keep the hair frizz free. 
Emotional soothing
Along with the joy of physical relaxation, massaging also helps to keep your mind stress free. It makes your heart calm down, keeps aside all tensions, and relax. 
Oil is like a miracle liquid for the hair as the changes are visible overnight itself. This magic will get a more professional touch when you pass the baton to the specialists in Avant Garde Gents Salon. Located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, it offers an excellent spot to pamper your hair. 

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