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Hair Dye Trend for 2016

Who in the blue hell said that only celebrities can experiment with hair colors? If you are a fan of visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and are a regular at them, then you will notice that people at JLT salons do experiment with hair color, with some radical choices. Dyeing or coloring the hair does not always mean sporting a rainbow combination, but can also be enhancing the natural color as well. Regardless of what the case may be, dyeing your hair for the first time is a brilliant experiment, which is why people try to take risks. The hair experts at men salon in JLT are experimenting constantly to create new techniques and new hair colors that help people have a great new look.
In this blog, we will cover the latest and in style dye color that has been garnering accolades from both celebrities and commoners like us – Blonde. So, who started the trend of platinum blonde shade in general? Brad Pitt? Or Kristen Stewart more recently? Yes, male celebs like Brad Pitt, Adam Levine, Pete Wentz, and even Jared Leto had their own blond moment for a while, and so did Justin Bieber. Before we ignite some Facebook comment-worthy moments here, let’s cover some essential points regarding men’s platinum blonde hair dye trend.
1. Conceptualize with the expert at salon in JLT
This involves a lot of thinking with the hair expert before you actually proceed towards making that look your own. Since you are reading this then that means you have already made your mind and the only thing left is hooking up with the hair expert at gents salon in JLT to decide your look. Hair dye trends in 2016 is not only about the color you want, but what color with what haircut will make you look more or less like a Hollywood celebrity. Thankfully, in the gents salon Dubai you have experts who can cut the hair as per the color requirement you have. You’re more than half way done once you had your haircut, because based on the haircut, texture and styling options will be decided as per the natural texture of your hair. 
Why all of these matter? Because blonde shades are complimented with stares and we all want to look good and comfortable sporting a blonde shade. 
2. Sometimes second opinion matters
Ok, now we all know that style is something personal, and we ourselves have to be satisfied with our look before pleasing anyone else. However, in order to be satisfied with our looks, we reply a lot on the reactions we get from others. This is why it’s better to consult hair professionals at men beauty center, Avant Garde JLT who can give us a second/expert opinion on how the look will come out in the end and whether you should go with the look.
3. The Commitment
So finally, you have colored/dyed your hair. IS it over? NO! Style comes with a certain level of commitment and that commitment is to maintain the look as well. Wrong hair care products can ruin your newly acquired style very easily and hamper the quality of your hair texture as well. This is why we need to talk about commitment as well because not all hair types are the same. Hair experts at JLT hair salon will offer you customized advise on how you can take care of your new look and the products you should be adopting in your hair care regimen as well.
4. Sport a beard if you wish 
A look that perfects the platinum blond is having a beard that matches exactly with the top. Before dyeing your beard the same shade as your hair, you should know that facial hair is much lighter in shade. So if you are not planning to go natural with your beard, please consult your colorist at gents beauty salon in Jumeirah Lakes Towers to work something in accordance to your complexion/skin tone to make the look even better. However, staying clean is not a bad option at all. Better clean than confused about the look!
Hope the blog was informative. If you have any style suggestions, feel free to share!

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