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Get beautiful hair with the best gents salon in JLT

To some alpha-males today, maintaining good hair is a tough task, whereas for women they do have good hair but still they are never satisfied with the results. Too much care can often lead to issues due to the excessive use of hair oil, styling products, heating devices and many more. It is a surprising fact that even men have bad hair days and even males have issues in achieving that perfect look, irrespective of the hair care regimen. 
Here are some common tips that you will receive from a credible professional:
Avoid water that is too hot!
Everyone loves a hot bath but water, if it is too hot can do more damage than good to your hair. If the water you are using is too hot then it can drain your hair off the essential natural oils. A dry scalp will result in itchiness and reduced shine as well. In order to keep the oil level of your hair and scalp balanced you should be using water with a comfortable warm temperature. Gents beauty salon in JLT utilizes water at a healthy temperature when it comes to hair care routines and treatments of their clients. 
Towel basics – stop killing your hair
Know what causes the maximum damage to your hair? Answer – your towel! Yes, I said it. If you’ve noticed, every time you are out of the shower you are literally drying your hair in a feverish manner, which is the biggest causes for your hair to lose everything it has at the moment. This type of towel drying procedure should be avoided if you expect to keep a healthy farm over the next years. Experts at men beauty salon in JLT suggest that the best way to towel dry hair is to start by shaking excessive water and then rubbing the hair with a towel very gently. Go with the direction of hair growth, instead of the norm of going against. In this way, you will avoid doing damage and will notice less split end. 
Right tool at the right time – comb or brush
Brushing your hair is good but brushing when hair is wet is not a good idea. Instead go for the comb as it can glide through the strands easily without damaging them, as a result you will experience significant reduction in hair fall. If you experience tangles then try using a wide toothed comb in a gentle way. 
Trimming is not that bad – every now n’ then.
For those who like to sport a clean and tangle free look, trimming every six weeks is way to go. Trimming is one of the few ways to deal with damaged hair and split ends. Find a good men salon in Jumeirah Lakes Towers that can give you a suitable haircut. 
Find a good shampoo and conditioner
This is tough call for men because when you enter the supermarket, there are several shampoo and conditioner brands available to confuse you. Each brand has its own unique selling factor because some can bestow thick looks upon you while others can moisturize your hair good. However, experts advise you to buy shampoo with fewer sulfates because the chemical can dry your hair and scalp. Sulfate free shampoos are kinder for people with colored hair. 
Similarly conditioners and shampoos with added ‘Aloe Vera’ ingredient is something that can help you in case you have frizzy hair. Aloe Vera moisturizes your scalp naturally and hydrates your scalp without burning a big hole in your pocket. If you love your hair, go and buy a nice shampoo in combination with a good conditioner. 
Hats and Ponytails 
If you are a hat or ponytail person, make sure it’s not extremely tight because creating a constant pull for the hair can do permanent damages. The condition is called ‘traction alopecia’ in which the hair gets pulled out of the scalp. So, in order to avoid such condition, make sure your hat is not extremely tight or the ponytails are comfortable for you to carry on for a longer period of time. 

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